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I'm Yumi Hara, Tea Stylist and British Lifestyle Coordinator, who presides over the Tea and British Life Style school "Cosy&Rosy" in Nagano, Japan. I visit U.K. every year to stay with my English family and friends for having real experiences of real life there.

Cosy&Rosy is divided into two divisions, the UK cultural sector and the tea sector. In the UK cultural sector, I introduce the lifestyle and the culture of the UK, and own the Online shop of UK-related goods and tea time goods. In the Tea sector, not only do I run a tea class, I also give advices to the eateries and product development of tea.

I aim to become a bridge between Japan and the United Kingdom, like an ambassador to connect the two countries. I would be honored if I could create a fusion of great culture of the two countries to cherish tradition and culture, nature and life.

・Obtained a UK Tea Council Tea Master Course certificate (London 2011)
・Got a diploma of Tea Adviser certified by Japan Tea Association (2008)
・Got a diploma of Tea Coordinator certified by Lipton Brook Bond House (2007)
・Studied a variety of British cultural skills under four British tutors (UK 2002~2003)
・Stay in UK every year for immersion in British culture, traditions & way of life (2002~ )

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